Hello! We are a very friendly British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) approved paddle board school, based in Maldon in Essex. We paddle at many different locations and have a huge range of SUP activities from which to choose. If you don't want the expense or hassle of owning and transporting your own SUP board, don't worry, within our Frangipani SUP activities we can provide you with everything you need, for as long as you need it! Some of our clients have been paddling with us for years and still don't own a SUP board! We are proud of our large and varied fleet of SUP boards and take great pleasure in seeing them being paddled. Many people take part in our SUP activities using their own SUP boards and this is fine too. We can advise you on board purchase and can help you set up new kit if you want. Just ask!

For complete beginners or for those who have only wobbled around on holiday, we teach BSUPA Level 1 'Ready to Ride' fully certificated courses. From there you can book onto one of our 'Paddle Practice' sessions, to practice and improve. These are both run at the Trifarm swimming lake in Boreham and Hadleigh Park reservoir in Benfleet and are fully coached small group sessions. 'One-to-One' private coaching is also available at these locations to all levels of paddler, from complete Beginner to competitive racer. Just request a day and time via the 'One-to-One' activity. Our ‘Pay and Play’ sessions are just that, book, come and have fun.

Once you have gained your BSUPA Level 1 ‘Ready to Ride’ certificate, our fully guided 'SUP Riders' tours are available in various locations and are designed to get you out on your first tour and extend your horizons, or if you are a more experienced paddler, you can explore new routes safely with others. All of our tours are colour-coded so that you can choose a tour to best suit your experience.

To develop your skills & experience further we run fully certificated BSUPA Level 2 'Ready to Tour' and 'Ready to Race' courses. We also host visting pro 'SUP clinics' to work on paddle stroke efficiency using video analysis. Our regular 'SUPFit' ‘Stretch and Relax’ sessions are run on a beautiful lake, our monthly weekday 'SUP Senoritas' social paddles are for the ladies and our 'WindSUP' beginners sessions are designed to introduce you to sailing rigs on SUP boards. If you are looking for a great fun corporate or team day, or to celebrate something special with your friends or family, then please just ask us about designing a 'Gaggle Paddle' specifically for you.

Finally, you are cordially invited to join our very friendly membership scheme called the 'Frangipani SUP HUB' where you will enjoy discounts, make new friends, be invited to safety talks, pool sessions, 'HUB in the PUB' dinners, socials and DIY BBQs. Our team of fully qualified BSUPA Instructors and Guides looks forward to meeting you and helping you to learn and love SUP. Any questions, please just shout! Mahalo!