SUP Riders Tours

EVENINGS & WEEKENDS • FROM 1.5 - 3 hours

£35 on our kit (HUB Member (£25)

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Our SUP Riders guided tours are for adult riders who have already completed their BSUPA 'Ready to Ride' certificate and who want to explore the beautiful local rivers and estuaries, with a BSUPA Level 2 qualified touring instructor. Come and observe nature, wildlife or maritime heritage from a new angle.  

Every SUP Riders tour is colour-coded so that you can book yourself on the tours that are best suited to your experience.

Colour Codes


Which SUP Riders tour is most suitable for me?

We grade all of our SUP Riders tours using a simple colour system to help you decide which is most suitable for you.  If you are unsure, please discuss with us your paddling experience and how confident you feel in your abilities and then we will advise you on the most suitable option.  Please note that during the week before a tour we will monitor the weather forecast and conditions and may upgrade the colour of the tour if the conditions are likely to make it more challenging.  Although we hope it is useful, this colour system is not exhaustive, is provided for guidance purposes only and we reserve the right to decide if you have a suitable level of competency to join any SUP Riders tour. 


Colour Codes



A green tour is intended as an entry level tour for those who have just learnt to paddle or for those who want an easy and gentle option.  If you have only paddled once or twice you will want to start here. These tours are short in distance (approximately 5km or less) and are on non-tidal and sheltered water.  You must have your BSUPA Level 1 ‘Ready to Ride’ certificate or equivalent, to join this tour.*


A blue tour is intended as an improver tour for those who are paddling with confidence and wish to extend their experience in different conditions.  Blue tours are longer than green tours (approximately 5-10km) and may involve some portaging.  They range from non-tidal, sheltered water to more exposed tidal rivers and estuaries.  It is likely (but not essential) that you have completed your BSUPA Level 2 ‘Ready to Tour’ certificate.  You must have completed at least one green tour with us prior to joining a blue tour.* 


Red tours are longer and faster than blue tours.  These are suitable for experienced paddlers as they are normally tidal and will have more challenging aspects, such as choppy water.  This category also includes longer distances on non-tidal and sheltered water e.g. our ‘City to the Sea’ event (approximately 22km.)  You must have completed at least one blue tour with us prior to joining a red tour.*


Black tours are suited to advanced paddlers and will always be tidal (river, estuary or ocean) and may include distance paddles, down-winding or SUP surfing.  They will involve navigation and possibly some challenging sections that require a high level of paddler competence in a variety of conditions.  You must have completed at least one red tour with us prior to joining a black tour.*

*Before booking, there may be some flexibility on this rule, on a case by case basis and at the discretion of Frangipani SUP.  If you think this applies to you, please contact us before making your booking.  Thank you.


SUP Riders Tours

Join us for your own mini adventure. This is Millbeach, one of our local SUP Riders tour locations.